My doctoral research involved the Synthesis , Characterization and Photodynamic Activity of  the novel Porphyrinoids mainly Core Modified N-confused and Expanded Porphyrinoids.  Expanded porphyrins, which results from the expansion of the  p electron conjugation by increasing the number of heterocyclic rings as the objective mainly due to the synthetic challenges encountered  to make related macrocycles in high yields. The resulting chromophores show strong absorptions in the red region compared to normal porphyrins. Core modification of these expanded porphyrins changes the electronic structure of the parent porphyrinoid, which in turn leads to interesting electrochemical, magnetic and photochemical properties. Its inherent stability, photophysical, electrochemical and biomedical applications have made it the cynosure of attention in recent times. This motivated me to take up the challenge of synthesizing fore mentioned porphyrinoids in high yields and evaluating the structural diversity and bio-medical utility in detail.

My postdoctoral research experience opened my avenues to the small molecules like carboplatin derivatives an  area of knowledge which was pursued for their medicinal applications. Pharmaceutical industrial experience gave me insights into small molecule based compounds targeting inflammatory,MRSA  infections and central nervous disorders.

I am also very interested in green chemistry and am pursuing new greener routes to synthesize novel compounds which can be effective drugs for a variety of therapeutic areas.

Research Interests

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Bio-inorganic Chemistry
  • Novel Porphyrinoids
  • Macrocyclic Chemistry
  • Small molecule Research

Research Projects

UGC Minor Research Project

Synthesis and characterization of selected privileged structure bearing Dipyrromethanes (Ongoing)   Rs.3.85Lakhs